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I am a person that likes to keep busy. Probably the reason I started this website and business. Yep, complete and total boredom! Twenty years ago if you had asked me "would I be in the business of crochet and sewing? " I would have looked at you with the craziest look. Crocheting is for old people...........I mean it is what my Grandmother did. Why would I want to do something like crochet? Well, I am older and a little wiser. I am glad my Grandmother taught me how to crochet. She taught me the basics, and I went on to learn more myself. Sewing, well I kind of learned on my own and had Home EC like everyone else.

I made my first crocheted rug when I was 14. This was because my Aunt started crocheting them....and I thought hey I know how to crochet. So, I made one and that was it. Well, I didn't try and make another one until 20 years later. I made myself one and a friend one. The one I made myself I proudly placed it in my kitchen in the UK. You would have thought I might have made more. I started to......and that starter rug stayed like that until we moved here from the UK. Which was in Sept. 2000. Actually, I didn't get to it until Aug 2001. But, I did make a rug while waiting in a hotel before we moved in our house in VA.

So, how did I end up getting bored? Well, I was use to working hard in the USAF and had several other jobs when I got out. I then was staying at home.....and I am sorry, cleaning house is just not fun! Especially when your husband is gone on a 6 month tour for the Military, and little ones in-between. I mean who would I be cooking and cleaning for? The youngest child, who would rather have chicken nuggets anyway. And an older child one who would liked to eat peanut butter and jelly. My daughter had gone and got married. The 2 boys would also dirty up as fast as you can clean. :-) I decided to crochet, and crochet, and crochet!!! And guess what, I enjoyed it! It just isn't for old folks! I had to do something with my crochet..........so I got this site. I then decided to sew and add more to the handmade goods.

Now, I have expanded my business to selling more and I have a few more sites. Needless to say, I am no longer bored!:-)
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