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Sunflower Fabric Textiles By Victorian Heart

Sunflower Fabric Textile Accessories By Victorian Heart.

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Small Sunflower Runner

Item Name: Sunflower Runner
Item Number: VH20-NNN-BRLP-SF1212-RNR
Item Price: $8.95
Sunflower Home Accessories - Sunflower Runner. This runner measures 8x24" and is 100% soft cotton burlap. Each is stenciled with 2-giant sunflowers on lush green stalks, laying side by side.

Sunflower Tablemat

Item Name: Sunflower Tablemat
Item Number: VH20-NNN-BRLP-SF1212-TMT
Item Price: $6.95
Sunflower Home Accessories - Sunflower Tablemat. Sunflower Home Accessories - Sunflower Tablemat. The tablemat measures 13" diameter and is 100% soft cotton burlap. The front is a stenciled sunflower bloom with outstretched petals.

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