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Country Apple Home Decor

A place to find some down home country apple decor accessories. Offering Aborbastone™ coasters, TerraCoasters(CounterArt®) absorbent coaster sets, wooden signs, swags, pictures, shelves and other wall accessories.

A whole array of coordinating accessories are going to be offered in the future for many of these kitchen accessories. For more information about these and products to be offered in the future please visit the information page on kitchen accessories.
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Set of 3 Wood Signs Apple - Pie -Cookies

Item Name: Apple Pie-Cookies-Refreshments Signs
Item Number: K-65639
Price: $19.95
Country Apple Home Decor - Apple Pie Cookies Set Of 3 .signs. Cute country wood signs for a kitchen or back door to kitchen, Signs measure 6" X 14" X 3/4".

Item Name: Apple Pie Sign
Item Number: K-65639A
Price: $7.95
Item Name: Refreshments Sign
Item Number: K-65639R
Price: $6.95
Item Name: Cookies Sign
Item Number: K-65639C
Price: $6.95

Framed Frosted Apple Plaques

Apple Country Home Decor - Framed Frosted Apple Plaques. Item Name: Frosted Apple Plaques
Item Number: OWI-25843
Price: $10.95
Framed frosted apple plaques measure 6 X 5 X 7/16.

Apple Pocket Pillow

Item Name: Apple Pocket Pillow
Item Number: OWI-30454
Price: $12.95
Country Apple Home Decor - Apple Pocket Pillow. Cute pillow with an apple appliquéd pocket. The Apple Pocket pillow measures 14 X 14 X 5 inches.

Apples Letters

Item Name: Apples Letters
Item Number: K-61998
Price: $7.95
Country Apple Home Decor - Apples Letters. The term apples made from wood. This prim apple statement would fit great on a long shelf or hang it on the wall to accent your country apple wall grouping! You can also hang it in The apple item measures

Wooden Apple Table Block Sign

Item Name: Wooden Apple Table Block Sign
Item Number: Y-28198
Price: $14.95
Country Apple Decor - Wooden Apple Table Block Sign.

Rag Apple Balls S/3

Item Name: Rag Apple Balls S/3
Item Number: OWI30487
Price: $6.95
Country Apple Decor - Rag Ball Apples. The set of 3 rag apple balls are made with Styrofoam centers and fabric around them. Country plaid fabric is used with cinnamon sticks used for the stem. The "Rag Apple Balls" range in size up to 5 1/4 X 4 X 4 inches.

Apple Penny Center Piece

Item Name: Apple Penny CenterPiece
Item Number: OWI30476
Price: $5.95
Apple Country Home Decor - Apple Penny Doily Center Piece.Country Home Apple Themed Decor  - Apple Penny CenterPiece.The "Apple Penny" doily center piece is made of felt material and measures 15 1/4 X 12 1/2 inches. The stitching is what make the "penny" character stand out. Would look cute on a country end table. Would make a great country placemat also.

Apple Penny Table Runner

Item Name: Apple Penny Table Runner
Item Number: OWI30475
Price: $16.95
Country Apple Home Decor - Apple Penny Table Runner. Matching piece to the Apple Penny Center Piece. Drape your coffee table, or accent your dinning table with this country style table runner. The Apple Penny Table Runner measures 13 1/2 X 36 1/2.

Apple Penny Canisters

Item Name: Apple Penny Tin Canisters S/3
Item Number: OWI30466
Price: $28.95
Country Apple home Decor - Tin Apple Penny Canisters Set Of 3. Set of 3 tin canisters are functional as well as decorative. Decorating your kitchen can be made easy when you use these canisters with the matching apple penny collection!

Apple Penny Dish

Item Name: Apple Penny Dish
Item Number: OWI30476
Price: $16.95
Country Apple Decor - Apple Penny Dish. A cute dish to serve your goodies! Matches the Apple Penny Collection. Measures 1 1/4 X 8 1/8 X 8 inches.

Apple Penny Ornaments

Item Name: Apple Penny Ornaments S/3
Item Number: OWI30470
Price: $10.95
Country Apple Decor - Apple Penny Ornaments. Ornaments are made of felt and are approximately 4 inches. They have wire on the top so you can hang on a tree or accent your wall. *Wooden Apples Not Included*
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