Crocheted Rag Baskets.

Crocheted Rag Baskets

Rag Baskets make great additions to your home decor.  

Rag baskets have many functional uses in the home. They are decorative as well by adding color and charm to a room. All rag baskets are made from new fabric, most of them are made with upholstery weight or drapery fabric to keep the shape of the basket. The baskets are durable, but not machine washable as they would loose their shape.

The best thing about rag baskets is that they can be made to match your home decor colors or coordinate with the rag rugs.

It doesn't matter what decor you have the baskets can be made to match. From Contemporary to Primitive a basket can be made to personalize with you. What is even more important is rag baskets do not scratch furniture so your treasured antiques will be safe.

A great functional use is they can be made to fit your casserole dishes, protecting your table from the heat and insulating keeping the food warm at the same time. Placemats and hot pads/trivets made to compliment the casserole baskets will give you the total table decoration ensemble. A nicely dressed table that family and friends will be sure to compliment you on!

Crocheted rag baskets look great in a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Long Rag Basket with Small Round Basket-Crocheted with yellow and blue fabiric.

Perfect for potpourri, bread rolls, letter mail, keys, change, etc. Also they are great for floral arrangements.

You can purchase them separately or with potpourri/floral arrangements. You can find rag baskets with prices ranging from $8-$35, depending on size. Extremely large baskets are usually priced accordingly. Baskets with floral arrangements will be priced according to the size of each arrangement.

Here are examples of a few different types of baskets. They can be changed with bows and such. As you can see the rag baskets come all shapes and sizes!

Small round rag basket with potpourri Small round rag basket with potpourri Large Square Basket-Crocheted with tan and burgundy/green/blue/rust/black fabric  Tulip Rag Basket Rag Basket with Blue Silk Roses Modern Retro Fad Crocheted Basket

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