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Handcrafted Woolen Oval Throw Rugs


A Collection of Hooked Oval Throw Rugs With Different Themes

Prim Hearts Bedding and More!All Star Bedding.All these hooked oval throw rugs are perfect for that country prim home. These rugs are plush and luxurious 100% wool and hand hooked. Vacuum is recommended for cleaning rugs, and spot clean for stains. Each measure 30"X72" and are sold for $125.00. To order one please go through the purchase button and either wait for the confirmation to ask which one you want or where it has the comments in the PayPal area please state which one you would like. We are doing these rugs this way as it is the fastest way at this time to put them up for your purchases. These rugs also have coordinating items such as quilts, duvet, covers, and much more. If you would like to view more please inquire.

These rugs are handcrafted not machine made. Because of the handmade nature these rugs will not be absolutely perfect and will have a primitive look. If your rug is made to order please expect 3 to 4 weeks prior to shipment.

Item Name: Oval Hand Hooked Rug
Item Number: Generic
Price: $125.00
Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.


Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.

Acres Of Acorns

Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.

Airplane - Oval Image not Available.

Rug will be made to order and match above.

Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.

All Star

Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.


American Star Quilt.

American Star - Rug image not available.

Rug will match the quilt image above and made to order.

Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.

Angels Everywhere -Oval image not available.

Image can be enlarged to see the beauty.

Rug made to order.

Apple Cart

Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.


Hand Hooked Wool Throw Rug.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Season - Oval image not available.

Baby Angel Quilt.

Baby Angels - New collection. Rug image not available.

Might be made to order and will match quilt above. This is still unsure.


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