This site is dedicated to my loving parents. Without their knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, I would not have the goals I have to strive and be the best to reach my dreams!  

Gilbert Wendell Woods

August 7, 1935

September 24, 1999

In Loving Memory

Dad you are truly missed!



I think I could spend a lifetime trying to give back what my parents gave to me in a short 14 years. I say 14 years, because it was my 4th birthday that I have my fondest memory of my Mom. You see my Dad was in the military for the first years of my life, I have little memories of that. My Grandparents kept my brother and I for a while. I met my Mom before my 4th birthday however. I can remember sitting on her lap and asked if she was my Mom? My brother asked "Do we have to call her mom?" I think I was the happiest child in the world to finally have a Mom!

My 4th Birthday cake had those decorator candy things on with an elephant. I was glad to get my cake. And I thought it was the best thing in the world. My Mom had made it herself. And I had a Mom for my birthday! I know some of you would probably think it is impossible to remember something like that, but that is when my life changed! It had a big impact on me.

Growing up those 14 years at that time I thought was forever! Boy does time past by so quickly now. I thought at times like every other child, I was in prison for life!!!! I couldn't understand how chores were going to make me responsible. Or getting my own switch for the switching I was due to get make me understand more why I was bad and getting the switching. I usually forgot what I had done before I finally came in with a nice green one, but was soon reminded.

We didn't have much back then. I was the child who got made fun of because of wearing the same clothes a lot. I treasured "hand me downs" from my cousin, until I got to tall to get hers. I know my parents didn't have much either, and Mom would give up things to get me new clothes. I was a girl that was happy to get 1 new skirt, 1 new top, and 1 pair of pants! But they always seem to make Christmas the most wonderful time! Or able to come up with a little bit of cash for field trips, and piano lessons, etc.

It was not all happy times, my Mom had to have 2 lung operations. It was a long recovery for both of them. I prayed to God not to lose my Mom! Of course, there had to be chores. I wasn't able to play outside all the time and have fun with the rest of the kids. Yep, cooking, cleaning, ironing, the whole works. I didn't care to much, I just wanted my Mom to get better.

I know those times were hard on my Dad. He worked extremely hard for ever penny he made. He was a "blue collar" worker, a Diesel Mechanic. His hands were gnarled and greasy all the time. And he wore his uniform most of the time. I admire my Dad so much for what he did. And what he had to share with me. His wisdom was of a great man, who had lived through a lot.

I used to get upset, when I had to get up early in the morning to cook him breakfast and make his lunch before he went to work. This was when my Mom was sick. I was wondering how come it was always me, and I did more than my older brother.

I wish I could get up now and cook my Dad breakfast. I wish I could hear the Army stories and such. I wish I could tell him I love him and appreciate all that he had done for me! You never think about it until you can't, but I know in my heart he did know.

My Mom, I wish to tell her thank you for being my Mom for all these years. If I had to chose a Mother it would be you. You don't have to give birth to be one. All you have to do is truly give your love and guidance! Which, that is what you have done for me!! And I know I don't tell you enough, that I couldn't love you any more than if you have given birth to me. I love you! My goal for you is still to one day play the music you hear for you! Until then, the music will play here.

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