Rag Rug Decor Uses - Crocheted Rag Rug Making Tips.

A crocheted rug adds that little extra color to any room or some warm country charm.

Nothing beats a nice soft cushiony crocheted rag rug by the kitchen sink when doing the dishes. Just what you would need after a long day's work and having to do the washing up after dinner. A crocheted rag rug can be coordinated to match or compliment most home decor. Crocheted rag rugs look great in a bathroom. Toilet contour and seat cover crocheted patterns can be found easily on the internet.

Rag rugs are just as decorative as they are functional.

Apple Fabric Tapestry Crocheted Rag Rug.

Available in many different shapes including ovals, round, rectangles and hearts. The specialty rugs are uniquely shaped and some can be fabric tapestry crocheted designed. A crocheting artist constantly learns new rug making skills and techniques. A person can utilize some old fashion techniques with new ones to beautifully create each rug. Some of these techniques are advanced to acquire unusual designs and patterns, many design their own rugs and do not use pattern books.

It makes a better looking rug with less strings if the fabric strips are cut and not torn. Tearing the fabric can cause more threads and fabric dust in the house. A person can roll the raw edges in, but even though this is done some threading still occurs after washing. Normally by the 3rd wash, the rugs stop threading. Pre-washing the fabric of course is also not an option, as most of the fabric is purchased in rolls or strips in bags, commonly known as mill end fabrics. So you can imagine how the fabric would look after washing!

Most of the strips still need to be cut down to size, so there is still a time factor and work involved with making a rag rug. Intense creativity is usually devoted to making crocheted rugs. These factors are considered when a person sells the rugs they make.

Cotton blend sheeting, upholstery or drapery weight, cotton/poly decorator, are the fabric textiles that can be used to make crocheted rugs. Other textiles like macramé cording are sometimes used. Crocheting with other textiles can be fun as well as finding new looks to a rug!

Crocheted Rag Throw Rugs are all unique!

Many handmade crocheted throw / area rag rugs are made without following printed patterns. They are like snowflake patterns all unique. No two rag rugs are a like! Duplication on some rugs is impossible sometime due to fabric availability.

Interested in making a rag rug yourself?

Perhaps these few rug making tips might help.

If you have never crocheted, don't worry, most of the basic rag rugs are relatively easy. The knowledge of the single crochet stitch is needed. Knowing how to increase and decrease will be helpful on making many shapes such as oval, round, rectangle, and heart shaped rugs. There are plenty of patterns available for rag crochet. So you can easily be on your way making your own rugs, baskets, and more rag crochet items!

If you are not a beginner at crochet, keep in mind that fabric is not like all the other textiles you may have used. It is bulkier and takes a little more work pulling through. So this may be a little more work than you are use to. If you have carpel tunnel or suffer from arthritis, it may be too hard on you.

Most people use a "Q" hook. However we would recommend a "P" hook for newcomers to rag crochet, with smaller rag strip widths. Fabric strips widths are a personal preference and what is easiest for the person. Sometimes it can depend on the type of rag rug you are making, the techniques, and crochet stitches you need to use.

Heavy weight fabrics can be mixed with sheet weight just cut the fabric strips widths accordingly to insure proper gauge. It takes approximately 4 pounds of fabric to make an average sized rag rug. This will convert to approximately 12 to 16 yards of fabric depending on the type of fabric used for the rug.

With all the factors involved with rag rug making, sometime it is just easier to have someone else do it. You will still get a beautiful handmade rug that can be a treasure later.

A Look At Other Crafts

Amish Star Placemats.

Hand sewn products can accessorize your whole house. Kitchen accessories like placemats can be sewn or crocheted. Crocheted hot pads make cute decor items for the counter tops.

Candle Ring with Silk Flowers.Rag baskets can be crocheted. Crocheted baskets can be made to match a rag rug. Just another little added touch to add charm to your home. A crocheted basket is just the right touch to add color to a room. Plus, crocheted rag baskets are just as durable as the rag rugs. Candle rings are another uniquely designed items that can be crocheted.Slik Flower Arrangement.

Beautiful silk arrangements in the baskets are a nice compliment. Why have fresh flower arrangements that die, when you can have a silk arrangement that will last forever?

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Specialty Crocheted Rag Rugs

Specialty rag rugs are crocheted with unique pattern and design.

Fabric tapestry rag rugs can be done with several techniques. The tapestry rugs can be done with tapestry crochet.

Rag rugs with unusual or uncommon shapes are considered specialty rugs also.

To make some of the rag rug designs, different crochet techniques are used. Narrower rag strip is used with some of the techniques to create these beauties. These techniques bring a new aspect in rug making in the 21st century. Most of these rugs can be used as wall hangings or floor rugs.

Tapestry rag rug designs are original patterns.

All of the rug designs are original patterns for the shaped rugs and tapestry designs. Patterns are drawn with planned stitches. Rag Rugs of this nature are time consuming, but the outcome is worth it!

Americana Tapestry Crocheted Rectangle Rag Rug. Daisy Shaped Rag Rug- Close up of rug. Original crocheted rag rug pattern. Daisy Shaped Rag Rug- Original Crocheted Rug Pattern.
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